Discovering your Purpose

What is your purpose? Have you commissioned God with your life? Have you asked him what does he have in store for you? Many of you may be thinking, I have asked God but I have not gotten an answer. Some of you may say, I haven't thought to ask. While others are trying to figure out if God is really who He says He is.

I would implore you to start that faith journey today. It doesn’t matter where you are if you are open to the grace of God. That is a purposed filled life. God’s grace allows us to live with the Holy Spirit inside of us on behalf of Christ. He sent a comforter to us so we can LIVE, not exist in an unworthy manner while still calling ourselves Christians. Imagine trying God at his word for the next few days, months, all of 2020.

Put a plan together and labor in the journey. You can’t make a change without changing your mind and changing your habits. Start with implementing short term goals and work towards your long term goals. If it’s what God wants you to do it will work, but if God gives you any inclination that a certain goal isn’t a part of the plan, don’t fight him just yield to His sovereignty.

Additionally, everybody’s purpose is different. God has given everyone a gift to compliment, spark, or finish another’s task. So, why are you so dedicated to having the talents and gifts that God didn’t give you? Function in what God has for you and the plan will prosper. It has to because God said it would. It doesn’t matter if you lead a humble life that impacts a local community, or a speaker traveling the world. Love the skin and talent you’re in. Christ gave it to you for a reason. Don’t down play it, embrace it! You have no idea the ways you can shift an atmosphere.

Listen to God, read his Word, and connect to other Christians along the way. Tell them where your talents and gifts lie and trust me, you’ll start to connect the dots.

As always, be blessed and stay sunny on the inside!

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