Embrace Change

Let’s face it, change is tough. No matter what kind of change that happens in our lives it is difficult to deal with. The transition to go from your comfort zone to an unknown world can be completely overwhelming. You will soon realize that if your anchor is not in Christ your journey will be 10 times more difficult than originally imagined.

I recently made the move from Raleigh North Carolina to Houston Texas for a job opportunity in sports radio. In the world of radio, you are required to move quite often and you can land in places you never thought you’d be. The blessing of this job is that you can meet so many different people and touch so many lives from different parts of the country and even the world. The downside of this job is how you might have to leave the people you love most in order to fulfill this purpose. While I knew it was time for me to leave North Carolina, I have built such a strong bond with folks in my life which made the leave even harder.

In Joshua 1:9, the scripture says, “be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” I have Repeated this versus several times since my Move to a new city. While I may not have any close friends here, I knew that it was important for me to make this leap regardless. In my preparation for moving I had several people in my life who provided me gems of wisdom when it came to my focus for my new position:

  • You are on an assignment
  • He wouldn’t put you anywhere you weren’t needed
  • He wouldn’t leave you if He brought you to it
  • Home is where you make it

Those pearls of motivation allowed me to revisit my perspective of my new position. Instead of looking at all the things I would be leaving behind, I looked to all the things I will be gaining from the experience. I am on a mission to positively change others lives with my communication skills. He needs me at this new job for a purpose only He can reveal. He can’t abandon me because I am His child and for that reason alone I know I am in His safety.  Most importantly, I realized that I did not have to make my new location “home”, I just had to make sure I was giving my best self to my new city.

I was gifted with several prayer journals, daily prayer notebooks, and daily motivational quotes to ensure I kept my eyes stayed on him. All the time spent to get me focused for this move has truly been more about leaning on Him then trying to be on my own strength. Although my bonds and relationships are important, fulfilling my purpose from God has to be the forefront of my focus. My relationships will adjust in the beginning, but they will not falter if they are meant to be. So often I feel as if I have to be superwoman, but I know that my flesh pales in comparison to all that He can do for me.

In order to be successful in anything that you do you have to remember that it is critical to keep Christ first in your life. If you start every day with acknowledging that he gave you the ability to wake up and move correctly and see and speak, you will be able to better tackle the day. He equips you with so many tools to be great, and in that you know that your greatest tool is him. My charge to you is to start with small changes in the way you speak to or about situations. Instead of saying “look what God is putting me through”, say “look what God has allowed me to experience”. Although it may be overwhelming, channel your thoughts into positive speech. Feel the fear, but don’t rest in it. You are created to help others and wherever that leads you embrace it!

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  • NAtalie

    I needed this push of encouragement today. 👏🏽

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