Where it All Began

2016 was a great year! I learned so much about who God was and will continue to be in my life. Hence the business name “God’s Perspective for Me.”

I was on a cruise with a few friends from church at the end of April. Although I was surrounded by so many people, it seemed as if I was on vacation by myself. On the second day of the cruise, I started writing as God flooded my head. It was comparable to the ocean not allowing us to go right or left. I had to be in tune while being overwhelmed.

By the end of the vacation I had written eight poems and three songs. I was so amazed at the experience.

Soon after, I started sending the poems out to friends and family. My brother asked me, “When is your book coming out?” and that’s when I realized why all this poetry was coming to my mind. God used my brother to tell me the next step in my purpose.

I started putting the book together and wrote my last poem in July. I had the feeling that this was it! I sent it to a high school friend to review because she was a poet, but she never read it. When I called her to inquiry of the book she had been too busy to read it, but she knew a publisher. Hallelujah! I was asking God to show me who I needed to get in contact with since this procedure was new to me, and I listened every step of the way.

By August I had a publisher, by October I was published, and in December I had “God’s Perspective for Me Volume 1" in my hands. That was a God movement. I was just the vessel He used to get His words out.

I had no plans of writing a book, being a speaker, and spreading the Gospel in the way I have been privileged to execute. Fast Forward to 2018, “God’s Perspective for Me” became a business as an LLC. I quit my Full-time job, and now I work for the Lord Full-time!

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