Tomorrow is too late to be GREAT

Looking for a Christian Life Coach?

I am here to help you bring your ministry into reality. When a revelation comes, God wants us to work toward it, not run away from it. Let's prepare for all of God's calls, so you can answer them boldly.

Purpose Preparation
1-on-1 Coaching

When You Leave us You Will Have implemented:

How to release the burden of past sins to walk in the freedom of Christ

How to hear from the Holy Spirit so you don’t make bad decisions and cause more chaos in your life

How to give your problems to God without picking them back up and walk in the peace of his answers

How to leave the “I want it now” mentality and rest in God’s timing

How to stop saying “what am I doing wrong” and comparing your life to others accomplishments so you can focus on own journey

How to free yourself from perfectionism and second guessing yourself so you can get your work done in half the time

How to put on the full armor of God when Satan tries to tempt you and let God fight your battles so you can overcome

How to let go of guilty pleasures when you are stressed, that make you feel like you are going backward, so you can replace them with better habits.

How to deal with taking two steps forward and three steps back and see your failures as opportunities for growth

How to say no to your family and friends when they call you with their problems for you to solve, so it opens up the opportunity to finish your daily goals

How to mentally replace the negative things your family said to you growing up with godly affirmations, so you can gain confidence in yourself and your gifts

How to let go of toxic relationships that keep you feeling bad about yourself to make room for the right Christian community

How to keep moving every day and get things done even you are overwhelmed

How to turn your mismanaged day for intimate time with God

How to study and understand scriptures so you can gain a relationship with God

How to apply scriptures to your life so when trials come you are guided by the fruits of the spirit

How to stop piling up the things you think you have to do to make room for small goals that lead to your vision

How to discern where God is leading you, so you have no doubts about your ministry and purpose

How to put your plans to the side and accept God’s new vision for your life so you can stop running from his ministry

How to start your ministry online and at your church.

Match made in Heaven...

You’re willing to work through what’s holding you hostage

You need a schedule and strategic ways to help you achieve your goals

You know it’s time for a change

You realize the rest of your life can’t be wasted

You recognize it’s God’s plan, not yours, that you are pursuing

Or nah?

If you continue to make excuses as to why you don’t get things done

You say "yes" to others before yourself

Need therapy versus coaching

You need a “yes” coach

Don’t believe in God

Don’t feel the need to study the bible

If you are unwilling to work on these things I’m not the coach for you

24 weeks together

In all our packages you get email/text support for questions in between sessions and weekly worksheets, assessments and other resources.

Let's get started. Develop an intimate relationship with God, released past sins, wounds and their lingering effects, gain clarity on who you are and your purpose.

Also, cultivated time management skills & developed good daily habits, finalized your ministry audience, understand your leadership skills and how it affects your ministry, then Develop your ministry story.

Then leave with six months worth of content for ministry awareness on social media.

Go ahead and book your FREE 30-minute “Discover Myself for Ministry" session.


You are Forgiven

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Spiritual to Online Ministry Resources

Mental Tug of War Ebook

An Ebook to Help You Let Go and Let God.

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A Journey of Self-exploration to Reorder your life.

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Stop Playing Games and Get Aligned with God Mini Course

3 Steps to Hear God's Voice While Making Better Decisions.

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Stop Running from Ministry

3 steps to give your control to God, so your vision and relelation can be a reality that you work toward daily.

Stop Running from Online Ministry

Give up control and get a renewed perspective on why you need to start posting and thrive for God's glory.

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Posting Made Easy

Build your ministry brand with 6 months’ worth of spiritual content in 2 hours to start getting booked and give me a call for extra assurance.