Tomorrow is too late to be GREAT

Looking for a Christian Life Coach?

I am here to help you bring your ministry into reality. When a revelation comes, God wants us to work toward it, not run away from it. Let's prepare for all of God's calls, so you can answer them boldly.

Purpose Preparation
1-on-1 Coaching

Get Ya Mind Right, Get Ya Ministry Right, Get Ya Branding Right

When you leave us you will have:

Developed an intimate relationship with God

Gained clarity on who you are and your purpose

Cultivated time management skills & developed good daily habits

Finalized your ministry audience

Understand your leadership skills and how it affects your ministry

Developed your ministry story

Six months worth of content for ministry awareness on social media

What's The Value?

24 weeks-$4,000 ($5,000 in 2022)

55-minute “Discover Myself Session” which allows me to learn more about you and the goals you hope to achieve.

24x 55-minute sessions. (Weekly calls)

Email/text support for questions in between sessions.

Weekly worksheets, assessments and other resources.

Take a look at our success stories.

Are you ready for a change?

Match made in Heaven...

You’re willing to work through what’s holding you hostage

You need a schedule and strategic ways to help you achieve your goals

You know it’s time for a change

You realize the rest of your life can’t be wasted

You recognize it’s God’s plan, not yours, that you are pursuing

Or nah?

If you continue to make excuses as to why you don’t get things done

You say "yes" to others before yourself

Need therapy versus coaching

You need a “yes” coach

Don’t believe in God

Don’t feel the need to study the bible

If you are unwilling to work on these things I’m not the coach for you

Purpose Preparation Academy

Equipping Christians for Abundant Life and Digital Ministry

Monthly Value

$149 monthly; $1,519 annually (15% off)

Purpose Preparation bundle, biweekly Q&A sessions, community Hub (off social media), and extra trainings and real time solutions to all your needs.

We are accepting students January 2022.

What's the Difference?

For our exclusive 1-on-1 services, we go intensively through Get Ya Mind, Ministry and Branding Right weekly.

In our academy, you get the same information but through biweekly group coaching sessions and extra courses.

Free & Low cost resources

Mental Tug of War Ebook

An Ebook to Help You Let Go and Let God.

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What am I doing with my Life? Check up

A Journey of Self-exploration to Reorder your life.

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Stop Playing Games and Get Aligned with God Mini Course

3 Steps to Hear God's Voice While Making Better Decisions.

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