Purpose Preparation Success Stories

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Giving my life to God

From lacking intimacy with God and making my own decisions to giving God control over my life.

Letting go of the Past

From struggling within myself and my past sins to being empowered in God.

Faith turned into action

From running in circles to submitting my time to God and what he has for me.

From Discomfort to Starting the Ministry

Gaining clarity in God's call and being equipped.

God's Resources

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Revelation to Reality Free Call

Written testimonies

Working with Kendra was absolutely life-changing! I made up my mind that I wanted to finally "try God" and allow him to completely lead and direct my life because up until now I was still struggling with life and was at what I considered to be my breaking point. I was tired. I had given up. Kendra was the answer to my prayers from God! I thought I was only meeting with her weekly to get spiritual counseling with all that I was dealing with in life, but it turned out to be so much more! She became my weekly, and sometimes daily accountability partner. She blessed me beyond measure. Not only do I have a renewed relationship with God, but I am more sincere and true in my worship and prayers, and I'm allowing God to use my testimony to help those that have also been in the dark places of life. I am walking stronger in the ministries I was already supporting, but also created a personal ministry inspired directly by God.

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Emma Robinson

"As a young person, as a millennial, Kendra is far beyond that knowledge. When I look at Kendra, I see Mary because when she became pregnant with Jesus, she was a young girl but matured to a level that she was able to accept what was handed to her. She truly embraced the idea that she was going to bring the Savior into the world. And with Kendra, as older people, we look like I would, I have been able to do that. Kendra embraces what God has given to her, and she has no problem sharing what God has given to her. I've always known Kenda to care, but there was one session that we were dealing with and I could tell in your voice that you wanted me to take care of me and that meant a lot to me. I was like, oh my God...It meant a whole lot. If someone out there wants to honestly look at yourself and do the work, then Kendra is the person and the Academy is the place to be."

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Katrina Merkerson

"If you are struggling spiritually, if you were once in a place where you and God were tight and then you kind of fell off a little bit and you're looking for a way to get back in that tight relationship with God, I would highly encourage anybody to go through this Academy. It has been life changing. The Holy Spirit leads Kendra in such a way that, she just brings it all. She lays it all out there and she doesn’t miss her words. She's a very straight and blunt person, but she tells it to you in love, and so it's really an eye-opening experience. So, I would encourage anybody to join her Academy."

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Stacy Curbean

Working with Kendra was definitely a win. Kendra was influential in helping me recognize Gods’ power and how to utilize the word to overcome my vices. Kendra’s process of reading a chapter a day, memorizing passages, and using
scripture to fight satan away required discipline. That discipline aided in a constant transformation of developing an intimate relationship with God and honing in on my purpose. I would highly recommend Kendra’s coaching program to anybody interested in increasing or expanding their walk. I found her to be honest, faithful, and knowledgeable. She has been a blessing to me and I thank God for her."

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Shanetta Waller

"Working with Kendra is transformative!  As a coach, Kendra's "warm demander" style motivated me to practice self-examination and encouraged me to see myself the way the Holy God sees me.  Kendra's coaching requirement of daily Bible reading anchored my self-reflections, and she helped me connect my God-given gifts to my purpose(s) in HIS kingdom.  Thank you, again, Kendra for allowing God to use you to coach and minister to others!"

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Thomasina Anane

"I thank God so much that He led me to you in such a divine way. It was a testament to God’s faithfulness and how much He’s used you to bless me, encourage me, challenge me, mentor me, and walk with me on this journey. I’m just so grateful for you - thank you always, sis! It’s been an honor to have you as my coach these past 6 months. I’m so excited for what the Lord has in store in the days to come!"

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Rhondraneika Shaw

"The program is actually phenomenal because it gets to things that we in our own minds don't realize. I never thought that this paperwork would really express who I really am. Like when you would be telling me stuff I would record it and be blown away....like wow. It wasn't easy but she walked with me through my process to help me understand my past and trauma. Kendra, thank you! I know it wasn't easy working with me; I can be a whole complete trip. I thank you for staying committed even when I wanted to give up. It was needed."

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Kelly Neal

"I initially reached out to Kendra for help with two areas of concern in my life: Time Management and Organization or just TWO STRUGGLES!!! How did MY WHOLE LIFE start changing after working with her for only 6 MONTHS?  Kendra and her program are AWESOME! Her methods, the assignments, the one-on-one chats and the check-ins hold you accountable, making you face the truth about yourself and God. I am becoming the person God intended for me to be and He used Kendra to help me clean the foggy lens that I was looking at God through.  This transforming journey has led me to write a book about it all with the hopes of being an encouragement to others as Kendra was for me.   Although you may not understand why you're doing certain tasks that she assigns, JUST TRUST THE PROCESS and you will see yourself changing right before your own eyes.  Do your part and she’ll do hers; then, watch God do his. Thank you Kendra!!!

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Melinda Douglass

"After going through the coaching program, I have not only learned that my purpose is to help Christian Millennials grow closer relationships with Christ, I have found my way back home to Christ. I now read the Bible daily, which wasn’t easy to start (I made it a part of my daily routine to create the habit). I find my quiet place in my house and go to God in prayer for almost everything lol and now I lead a bi-weekly Bible Study for Christian millennials. I’ll end with this, we may go through the storm in life but God can always turn our story into our testimony."

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Erinne M. Perry

"Working with Kendra was amazing! She loves what she does and it shows. Her authenticity and transparency is refreshing! One thing that really stood out to me was how she credited the Holy Spirit for the power she possesses. I rest assured as the Holy Spirit continues to pour into her and establish God’s Perspective for Me LLC, every individual she encounters will be encouraged and empowered!"

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Delora Sutton

"I thoroughly enjoyed Kendra’s coaching program. I appreciated the different areas it covered. As a result of the coaching  program, I began reading the Bible more and I noticed growth in my spiritual and personal life. Her program came at the perfect time in my life and was the perfect addition to my own personal work that I was already doing. I highly recommend this coaching program."

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Tiffiany Langston

"Kendra Dublin’s - Purpose preparation program has been vital to my personal development journey. Her resources and coaching are simple and direct. She has helped me identify my value system, my strengths, my weaknesses and my vision. I now have clarity on the direction I am being lead to and how I can improve in each sphere of my life. She is encouraging, understanding and exhibits the traits of a true leader. The uniqueness of her program will make any individual excel in becoming who they are to be. Her excitement and obedience for God and what he wants for your life, makes her a trusted advisor. You can expect nothing less than honest, mindful guidance from her during this process to kindle, develop and hone in on your purpose."

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"I am starting a fitness business and was literally lost! I had no idea where to truly start with building my business. I reached out to Kendra for her coaching services. She literally broke things down to me and had me thinking and brainstorming about things I had not even thought to work on. During the session, she walked me through my step by step journey. I left that session more prepared to start my business than ever. She definitely helped me to get on track and guided me the way I needed to be guided. Super appreciative for her help and services."

-Shircola Powell

"My experience has been awesome working with Coach Kendra. She is very thorough, and has you to dig deep in the assignments of self-discovery and who you are in Christ. I love that she is authentic, consistent, and there is accountability in her program. The motto of “Tomorrow is too late to be great” is one that her participants are reminded of. I have learned and grown in various areas since working with her."

-Sha C.

‬‬ "Kendra is wise beyond her years. She has been uniquely gifted to help people see a different point of view, God’s point of view. She has a straight forward approach that is tough yet gentle."

"Personally, she has helped me to narrow my focus and to overcome some bad theology that was holding me back. After a couple of months working with her, I have experienced clarity in mind unlike any other time in my adult life. Additionally, I have had the best month of income in my life. I love this woman of God and highly recommend her to anyone looking to progress in God’s purposes."

-Ivan Wilson

"God's Perspective for Me LLC is an amazing service that can completely change your life. Purpose Preparation Specialist Kendra Dublin is there to assist you every step of the way. Her program is so well developed, and really makes getting your life aligned with your God Given purpose a tangible, and amazing transition.I would recommend God's Perspective for Me LLC to anyone! What are you waiting for? Join Now!!! You won’t regret becoming apart of this program."

-Josalyn Murphy

"If you want a Purpose coach who is spiritual, relevant, and real, Kendra is your coach. She provided me with practical advice and strategies that allow me to hone in on my purpose, identify things holding me back, and move forward with purpose on purpose. Thank you, Kendra, for being passionate about and dedicated to your purpose."

-Nia Wylie

"Kendra is an amazing time management expert. Her format when helping me with my schedule was very detailed and helpful to allow me to be the most productive that I could be for my own businesses. Hire her!"

-Aundrey Flewellen

"She’s helped me harness MY purpose by giving me a plan that best fits my schedule.  Her time-management strategies really helped to put things in perspective for me as well!  With all the responsibilities we have to tend to in a day, it can feel like we literally have NO time to ourselves, or for God.  Kendra has shown me ways to effectively make time for God, and therefore, my purpose.  And it fits MY schedule!  I don’t even recognize myself since starting this journey 4 months ago!  So whether you know your purpose, have an idea of what your purpose is, or are still trying to figure that out, I highly recommend Kendra’s services!"

-Amber Casey

"Kendra's Purpose Preparation Coaching gave me the empowering tools I needed to finally take my dream and turn it into reality. I got more done in my first three months working with Kendra than I have in the last three years. She walked me through time management, development, branding, quiet time with God, and so much more while constantly encouraging me and offering solutions to my setbacks. All it takes is one meeting with Kendra to see that the Lord is working through her; I can't recommend Purpose Preparation Coaching enough."

-Natalie Hall


Kendra you are such a blessing. You have been a blessing to us tonight. You have touched our spirits. May God bless you so much for faith, spiritual values and daily habits.

-Tessie Smith

"You know when you just want to drop the mic. I just want to drop it, like take that. When you talked about my daily life being in alignment to your spiritual values, it showed me to ask the hard questions of myself. I can't look in the mirror and think about others. And I have to see if I have more faith in the world or God. Before I go to sleep I can assess my day."

-Sherri Elder

"You blessed my soul! You ignited me to get back on my journey & finish "all" of my goals. I was listening to your testimony and we both have things in common. I know one is writing 🥰 And...I am a preacher's kid too. An additional thing we definitely have in common is knowing the Most High. It's so refreshing to meet women in my age group that share so many interests with me. Thanks again for letting God use you to bless me & so many others. Continue to be blessed."


"The presentation was awesome. I like the tag team effort which offered variety in terms of perspectives. The difference in approaches were complimentary. I took the most away from the real life application."

-Alvin Daniels

Kendra Dublin is a blessing! I appreciate her knowledge and energy and how she connects with us!  She layed it out helping us to build up our discipline to stay in practice for our service to God. I am going to adjust my Bible study/read time to at least 4x/week as she suggested. For me, eliminating stressors by prayer, meditation & breathing exercises will put me in a place where I am able to listen for God's direction! Thank u Kendra!

-Crystal Carter

"Appreciated all your nuggets today along with your dad. It was right on time for me and I just wanted you both to know how much I appreciate you both and the words you spoke."

-April Rowland

"Thank you so much for the amazing session that you provided to us today. Youre words have truly helped elevate my thinking as a single Christian woman. Thank you!"

-Kimberly Hardy

"Kendra’s session was so amazing. Don’t tell anybody, but it was the best session of the day. You know how there are those people who you see and who you hear, and there are those few people who you feel. And Kendra is definitely one of those people. Her session was informational, it had me almost in tears, it had me laughing, it had me reevaluating my life and where I am and I’m so thankful for her. I’m so thankful for her gift, her talent and to be using it to really glorify God and to reach people like me. Because I need it, we all need it, and she’s gifted 100%."

-Britney Harris

"So I've been knowing Kendra for a very long time but I have to say this is the first time that I saw her as God created her to be. This particular lesson and experience was dynamic. She spoke very positively and personally. She shared her story and we were all able to be impacted by it. I cannot wait to see how God will continue to use you."

-Kirtisha Jones

"I attended Kendra Dublin's class for the first time at the Millennials Reach Conference 2019. I left feeling inspired, loved, and determined. I learned how to make time for God in the midst of a busy schedule. Kendra did an excellent job with demonstrating key concepts us Christians battle on a daily basis. I can not thank Kendra enough for this life changing experience. If she is ever in your area, please do not hesitate to see her...you won’t regret it!"

-Alexandra Lloyd

"I can not say enough about how great the sessions with Kendra have been. If you are looking for someone who is compassionate, a good listener and professional, Kendra is who you should go see. Thank you for using your gift to help people!"

-Veronica Dublin

"Enjoyed your session.  I felt a reactivation for sure! Perfect example for examining myself everyday. I definitely took something away from it and that was making sure my mental, physical, me are staying aligned with God at the top. And to just let go of the past & become a Mindful Warrior!!! Loved hearing and knowing that I'm not alone we all have struggles.  Keep going my sister!! Thank you so much for the LIFT!! I rate this a 10!!"

-Whitney Lawrence

"Kendra shows transperency, compassion, and love to anyone she encounters. She supports, and challenges you to discover the best you. Whether you purchase merchandise or support her as an author you still get one amazing woman."

-Shakira Campbell

"I learned a lot from all the workshops but Kendra's class was amazing. I love how she's living in her purpose and her trust in God. I want to live in my purpose; trying to figure out what it is. Thank you!"

-Quentella Williams

"The same day I got home from the conference, I went out and bought me a study bible. I've been making more of an effort to take at least 30 minutes a day to read and study my bible. Thank you Sis. Kendra for inspiring me to really work on my personal relationship with God."

-Tina J.

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