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Kendra has a rare way of engaging audiences that draws them into her story, which allows them to began to have freedom in their story. As she starts to unmask it allows others to do the work needed to prepare for their purpose. Whether she is charged with a keynote address or as a workshop speaker, she will give you practical steps to live beyond today. Are you ready for a change?

Signature Topics

Kendra Dublin's signature topic

The Turn Around is up to You

This particular topic helps you to understand the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer, while #StayingInPractice to prepare for your purpose.

Qualified through Christ

This talk gives people hope beyond their sins and to know that you can be used by God regardless of your past.

Get Off Your Emotional Rollercoaster

This talk helps people recognize how their emotional state plays a major part of their delays and how they can their comfort in God will stabilize them to be effective in their purpose

Stay Ready

This talk helps you to understand the importance of
preparation in order to stay the course of ministry and have longevity.

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Santee Ladies Retreat

Sister's Social

The Sisterhood Social: Destination Relaxation is a 2 day experience for Christian women ages 26-39.

We will come together to embrace our walk with God while enjoying a spa themed weekend. Prepare to spiritually reset your mind, body and soul!

Location of this event is Gwinnett County. 30 minutes north of Downtown, ATL. Limited space available for this event!

Secure your spot today! Register here: There is a $75 registration fee. To pay registration fees by installments, click here: Additional details will be sent by email upon RSVP.


July Podcast Writings


Share Your Testimony

Listen to God, Even When It's Noisy


Keep The Momentum Going


June Podcast Writings


What Keeps Me Movitvated?


Honoring Christian Women in the Marketplace

Will You Be Christlike?


Does Your Light Shine?


Woman's Day Encore

WOman's Day: Are you wearing grave clothes or grace clothes?


I Pray Conference


Women of Faith

Living in Purpose


Taking the Leap


Dead End


Participant reviews

"It caused me to turn the mirror on myself and ask, what are you wearing.. grave clothes are Grace clothes. I am practicing to ask myself that question in difficult situations involving others. To follow Jesus's example, we must extend Grace to others as He keeps extending grace and mercy to us everyday. Kendra, you really brought this message home in your speech/ preaching and demonstrations. May God continue to bless you as you administer God"s word to others."

-Vivian McDuffie

"Oh my Kendra, I'm still in Aww about how the Holy spirit had his way with you on Saturday. I can't even put it into words the impact it has had on me and still is having on me. May God continue to bless you and continue to let the Holy spirit have it's way in your life."

-Veronica Foster

"Phenomenal job! Thanks for sharing your talents and blessing us!."

-Tonya Pointer

"Thank you! Wow...your were just excellent today. I was beyond amazed watching the program."

-Marly Lee

Sis, You Ain't Radical Enough


I Can Restore the Jewel of Your Virtue


Choose God's Perspective


Hear God's Word to Obtain Faith


Every Queen Needs a Coach featuring Kendra Dublin


Did you know God chose you?



What's Going on in your mind?


How fast are you running away from God?


Pray and Doubt you will do without


Will the seeds planted in you wither or bloom?

What do you need to trust God for today?


Each one, reach one, teach one


Participant reviews

Such a beautiful plea to those of us who are God's Baby Girls and practicing sin. When Satan gets hold of us, he will carry us down through there. Sin and more sins and more sins. God sees us in our sin and he hurts, yet he protects us from death so we can come to our senses. When we do, he then uses us to his glory through our testimonies. Baby Girl you have done just that and God is glorified. Thank you for the plea of getting things right with God. Praise be to God!!

-Alwonda Carothers

Ken Ken you really are gifted with many gifts and praise God you use so many of them to His glory. I regret not knowing what my gifts are sooner. I wasted a lot of years feeling like I didn't have any. But I thank God He showed me a few years ago thateveryone has gifts and I am no different. We just have to be obedient, stop running and listening to the lie I can't and get busy. Now I try my best to use every gift God has given me to His glory. And I am currently doing my spiritual resume because there are still gifts I haven't tapped into. But glory to God, with His guidance I am willing to say yes.

-Patricia Baker

You are something else! Your lessons are powerful and makes me long to hear more! Thanks for the morning inspiration! God bless! To Him all the glory and for you who know just how great God is...!

-Sylvia Carter-Wilson

How many times have you walked away from God's blessings?


How did your knowledge of God help you?


What are your words & actions teaching others?


Are You Seeking growth?


Called By God Podcast


How Do We Increase our Faith?


Give 1st so it May Be Given to You


Life: A Journey of Ups and Downs


Example title


Partcipant Reviews

Kendra you are such a blessing. You have been a blessing to us tonight. You have touched our spirits. May God bless you so much for faith, spiritual values and daily habits.

-Tessie Smith

"You know when you just want to drop the mic. I just want to drop it, like take that. When you talked about my daily life being in alignment to your spiritual values, it showed me to ask the hard questions of myself. I can't look in the mirror and think about others. And I have to see if I have more faith in the world or God. Before I go to sleep I can assess my day."

-Sherri Elder

"You blessed my soul! You ignited me to get back on my journey & finish "all" of my goals. I was listening to your testimony and we both have things in common. I know one is writing 🥰 And...I am a preacher's kid too. An additional thing we definitely have in common is knowing the Most High. It's so refreshing to meet women in my age group that share so many interests with me. Thanks again for letting God use you to bless me & so many others. Continue to be blessed."


"The presentation was awesome. I like the tag team effort which offered variety in terms of perspectives. The difference in approaches were complimentary. I took the most away from the real life application."

-Alvin Daniels

How will you love yourself and you love God?


God renew my mind


Getting started with WTB



What season is it for you?


Have your regained sight?


Does quiet time seem impossible?


In Addition to Prayer


Becoming the Whole Woman Summit

Participant Reviews

Kendra Dublin is a blessing! I appreciate her knowledge and energy and how she connects with us!  She layed it out helping us to build up our discipline to stay in practice for our service to God. I am going to adjust my Bible study/read time to at least 4x/week as she suggested. For me, eliminating stressors by prayer, meditation & breathing exercises will put me in a place where I am able to listen for God's direction! Thank u Kendra!

-Crystal Carter

"Appreciated all your nuggets today along with your dad. It was right on time for me and I just wanted you both to know how much I appreciate you both and the words you spoke."

-April Rowland

"Thank you so much for the amazing session that you provided to us today. Youre words have truly helped elevate my thinking as a single Christian woman. Thank you!"

-Kimberly Hardy

"Kendra’s session was so amazing. Don’t tell anybody, but it was the best session of the day. You know how there are those people who you see and who you hear, and there are those few people who you feel. And Kendra is definitely one of those people. Her session was informational, it had me almost in tears, it had me laughing, it had me reevaluating my life and where I am and I’m so thankful for her. I’m so thankful for her gift, her talent and to be using it to really glorify God and to reach people like me. Because I need it, we all need it, and she’s gifted 100%."

-Britney Harris

Are you blending in or standing out?


Blossom By Being


Thursday Night Bible Study on Faith


Texas Women's Empowerment Conference

August 20-22, 2021

Learn more

Faith that Prevails


Get Off Your Emotional Rollercoaster

Participant Reviews

"So I've been knowing Kendra for a very long time but I have to say this is the first time that I saw her as God created her to be. This particular lesson and experience was dynamic. She spoke very positively and personally. She shared her story and we were all able to be impacted by it. I cannot wait to see how God will continue to use you."

-Kirtisha Jones

"I attended Kendra Dublin's class for the first time at the Millennials Reach Conference 2019. I left feeling inspired, loved, and determined. I learned how to make time for God in the midst of a busy schedule. Kendra did an excellent job with demonstrating key concepts us Christians battle on a daily basis. I can not thank Kendra enough for this life changing experience. If she is ever in your area, please do not hesitate to see won’t regret it!"

-Alexandra Lloyd

"I can not say enough about how great the sessions with Kendra have been. If you are looking for someone who is compassionate, a good listener and professional, Kendra is who you should go see. Thank you for using your gift to help people!"

-Veronica Dublin

"Enjoyed your session.  I felt a reactivation for sure! Perfect example for examining myself everyday. I definitely took something away from it and that was making sure my mental, physical, me are staying aligned with God at the top. And to just let go of the past & become a Mindful Warrior!!! Loved hearing and knowing that I'm not alone we all have struggles.  Keep going my sister!! Thank you so much for the LIFT!! I rate this a 10!!"

-Whitney Lawrence

Single, Saved and Set Free

My Past is My Future


What is God Birthing In You?


Kendra Dublin's Testimony

What Kind of Faith Do you Have?

5 Steps to Build Unshakable Discipline

Participant Reviews

"Kendra shows transperency, compassion, and love to anyone she encounters. She supports, and challenges you to discover the best you. Whether you purchase merchandise or support her as an author you still get one amazing woman."

-Shakira Campbell

"I learned a lot from all the workshops but Kendra's class was amazing. I love how she's living in her purpose and her trust in God. I want to live in my purpose; trying to figure out what it is. Thank you!"

-Quentella Williams

"The same day I got home from the conference, I went out and bought me a study bible. I've been making more of an effort to take at least 30 minutes a day to read and study my bible. Thank you Sis. Kendra for inspiring me to really work on my personal relationship with God."

-Tina J.

Do You Still Have No Faith?

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Kendra Dublin at the Get Lifted conference in Durham, NC.

Young Adult Retreat 2019

Kendra Dublin at a women's breakfast in Durham, NC.

Women's Breakfast 2019

Kendra Dublin teaching class in Miami, Florida.

Millennials Reach Conference 2019