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Kendra Dublin

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To help Kingdom Driven Pastors create, coordinate and commission their discipleship structure for consistent growth which impacts their reach, relevance and resources.

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Client Testimonials

Thank you for being a part of the each one teach one community. I know God has blessed you with gifts and you want to make sure others actually use their gifts. You have a beautiful spirit and thank you for not back away and being confident in the ministry. Everything I said I want to do, I’m doing it.

Kanesha Manuel

If you are on the fence about getting your ministry going, get with Kendra. She is kind and she's honest. She will let you know when things aren't right and help you understand what's holding you back in what God has called you to do. I grew spiritually and gained faith in him through this process of launching my online ministry. I had talk about it for over a year and now I'm doing it.

Angalina McClinton

Kendra, was Heaven sent, literally! God connected us doing a time in my life when I was being refined by Him and I didn't know what to do with what all He was showing me and telling me. I was lost. But, Kendra and her program helped me connect all of the dots.

Tasha Nation


Pathway to Patience

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Kendra Inspires

Kendra's main focus in speaking is to engage millennials in the transition from their struggles into their purpose with action elements to use in their everyday lives. 📝

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Speaking Testimonials

You know when you just want to drop the mic. I just want to drop it, like take that. When you talked about my daily life being in alignment to your spiritual values, it showed me to ask the hard questions of myself. I can't look in the mirror and think about others. And I have to see if I have more faith in the world or God. Before I go to sleep I can assess my day.

Sherri Elder

You blessed my soul! You ignited me to get back on my journey & finish "all" of my goals. I was listening to your testimony and we both have things in common. Thanks again for letting God use you to bless me & so many others. Continue to be blessed."


You showed me I am on the right track in life; I just needed some tweaking and since your seminar I've done those things. Just needed that extra push. Thank you!

Yolanda Haywood

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