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I help Christians release past wounds so they can turn their testimony into their online ministry to answer all of God's calls.

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Client Testimonials

"Working with Kendra was absolutely life-changing! I was tired. I had given up. Kendra was the answer to my prayers from God! I thought I was only meeting with her weekly to get spiritual counseling with all that I was dealing with in life, but it turned out to be so much more! She became my weekly, and sometimes daily accountability partner. She blessed me beyond measure. Not only do I have a renewed relationship with God, but I am more sincere and true in my worship and prayers, and I'm allowing God to use my testimony to help those that have also been in the dark places of life."

Kimberly Adams

"Working with Kendra was definitely a win. Kendra was influential in helping me recognize Gods’ power and how to utilize the word to overcome my vices. Kendra’s process of reading a chapter a day, memorizing passages, and using
scripture to fight satan away required discipline. That discipline aided in a constant transformation of developing an intimate relationship with God and honing in on my purpose. I would highly recommend Kendra’s coaching program to anybody interested in increasing or expanding their walk. I found her to be honest, faithful, and knowledgeable. She has been a blessing to me and I thank God for her."

Stacy Curbean

"Working with Kendra is transformative!  As a coach, Kendra's "warm demander" style motivated me to practice self-examination and encouraged me to see myself the way the Holy God sees me.  Kendra's coaching requirement of daily Bible reading anchored my self-reflections, and she helped me connect my God-given gifts to my purpose(s) in HIS kingdom.  Thank you, again, Kendra for allowing God to use you to coach and minister to others!"

Shanetta Waller
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Kendra's main focus in speaking is to engage millennials in the transition from their struggles into their purpose with action elements to use in their everyday lives. 📝

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Speaking Testimonials

You know when you just want to drop the mic. I just want to drop it, like take that. When you talked about my daily life being in alignment to your spiritual values, it showed me to ask the hard questions of myself. I can't look in the mirror and think about others. And I have to see if I have more faith in the world or God. Before I go to sleep I can assess my day.

Sherri Elder

You blessed my soul! You ignited me to get back on my journey & finish "all" of my goals. I was listening to your testimony and we both have things in common. Thanks again for letting God use you to bless me & so many others. Continue to be blessed."


You showed me I am on the right track in life; I just needed some tweaking and since your seminar I've done those things. Just needed that extra push. Thank you!

Yolanda Haywood

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